Prime Color Growers produces bedding plants for landscapes and naturally grown herbs and vegetables for restaurants.  Located 50 miles from Las Vegas, NV, Prime Color services only Las Vegas and surrounding areas.


As a boutique grower we are able to design our growing programs to your specific needs, giving you a customized look for your landscape and/or for your clients.  You pick the variety, color and approximate deliver date and we do the rest.

Being local to the Las Vegas valley, we can deliver orders as small as 20 flats, so you can plant what you need, when you need it, instead of ordering by the truckload.


Prime Color plants are acclimated to our unique climate, so they are hardier than those grown in more moderate temperatures.


Prime Growers supplies naturally, locally grown cut herbs to Las Vegas restaurants.  Because of the growing process and the fact that herbs are harvested the same day they are delivered, you get a fresher, better tasting product with a longer shelf  life.

In addition to the cut herbs, we grow potted herbs for living walls or displays within your restaurant or business.


Call or email us to let us share how we can serve your business.

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